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Entry #2

2 potential projects

2013-02-08 20:15:24 by Rez-rect

Hallo everyone! I have two potential projects that I plan on making, I just would like some input on which the collective of newgrounds thinks I should work on first, the projects are:

-Project sandbox
-A sandbox game conveniently set in a goddamned sandbox
-contains the option to go into a birds-eye view "create" mode where you can alter the environment
-PC's are action figures, the story and dialogue are to sound like a kid playing with his toys

-Tesla vs. Lovecraft
-not quite sure where to go with this one, i'm thinking a tower defense game (like NG needs another one of those)

so those are what i'm thinking about doing, I leave which gets made up to you guys


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2013-02-08 20:55:07

The second choice.
You let the creative cat outta the bag with that one. Name alone could get you angry bird-like profits.

Rez-rect responds:

yes, profits do indeed sound nice, but I have no idea what i'd do with the game to make it stand out... Thank you for your feedback though :D


2013-02-16 17:55:31

Honestly, I'm game (pun intended) for either one, but, I like the first choice better, as Lovecraft/Tesla thing could be HORRIBLE. Or, as VicariousE said, Angry Birds-like profits.

I'm voting for the Sandbox game, personally.

Seems like it could be made in a better way than yet another G.D tower defense game.

Rez-rect responds:

indeed the notion of another tower defense game is unpleasant, especially considering I have not a single idea on how i'd make it special, thank you for your feedback.


2013-02-19 08:46:34

Number one.


2013-02-19 13:20:46

Have the action figures move like toys!


2013-02-19 13:21:03


Rez-rect responds:

oops indeed xD


2013-05-02 17:06:23

The sandbox one definitely!